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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is Divine Dedication Academy (DDA)’s values, mission and vision

2. What is the goal for the school year?

A. Our goal for this school year is to have at least 25 Families globally to register at least 1 child and appeal to those who can assist with ongoing sponsorships for families in need.


3. What curriculum do we use, and how is it taught virtually?

A. Core Subjects of Math, ELA, Hebrew Culture & Torah Studies, Science and Social Studies are included in the Base Tuition. Various Electives will be available at additional costs. Blended High Scope Interactive Methods used with Common Core Standard Framework along with Hebrew Culture & Torah Studies. We will mirror classroom activities by using shipped textbooks or screenshots to obtain student samples.

4. What is our manual and how is it applied in the school year?


5. What is a homeschool co-op and what does that mean for the parents?

A. The Divine Dedication Academy assists parents with meeting the educational hours/days mandated in their state.  Additionally, parents will be responsible for participating in our Collaborative Unified Effort (C.U.E.) which consists of the following components:

  • Each instructional session will be 45 minutes each, led by our Divine Dedicators. 

  • Parents are to provide the remaining 15 minutes of at-home enrichment activities to make up an hour of instruction. 

  • Additionally, families also assist in student recruitment to keep tuition costs down. 

  • Last, and equally important for unity of purpose, all collaborators of the Divine Dedication Academy are made aware of the elements of the System of Divine Dedication through our Manual - Journey to the Beginning - by completing the assessment tool through our website


6. What does DDA expect from parents during the school year? 

  • We expect our parents to pay tuition on time, allowing our Dedicators to be compensated in a timely manner. 

  • Prepare students for school the same as in-person school setting (i.e. proper rest the night before, eat breakfast, ready to learn). 

  • Parents should be nearby while students are in class to assist students if needed, but allow the Dedicators to perform their job in accordance with a regular classroom. 

  • Attend meetings to be supportive of the DDA community in a manner that is measurable and observable. 

  • Print learning materials and assist students with at-home enrichment activities. 

  • For families with financial assistance needs, we also expect parents to fundraise to meet Base Tuition Minimum on a monthly basis. 

7. What is Torah-Based learning? How does that work with core subjects? 

A. Torah-Based learning reflects the teaching of academics that align with the Creator’s Laws, Statutes and Commandments as outlined in the The Old Testament.  It includes activities surrounding the Weekly Torah Portion that incorporate cross curricular teaching of core subjects. The objective is to instill a high level of understanding the Creator, His requirements and a strong sense of  Self-Identity and its value to our Nation. The expected result is  Daniel 1:4 –“youths in whom (there is) no blemish, but fair to look on, skillful in all wisdom, skillful in knowledge, discerning in thought, and such as (have) ability to stand in” ….any situation confidently!

8. Why do we need to start a school for the Nation of Yisrael? How do our children benefit from this? 

A. In addition to the crucial need to unify in these trying times as one Nation on the principles upon which we can agree - YAH is the Creator, We are His People and our obligation to follow His Torah, DDA is the solution to:

  • Disparity in education, 

  • Mandatory vaccines, 

  • Threat of school violence 

  • Abolishment of the history of our people.

  • Pandemic disruption of our children's educational process

  • Moral and cultural decline 

  • The quest for the preserving the sanctity of Creator assigned birth roles


9. What does the school schedule and calendar look like? School will begin on 9/5/2023.

A. Torah-based Holy Days will be observed and result in school closings. Families will be responsible for making up hours and days to meet their states’ school year requirements. DDA will provide a list of activities and suggestions to choose from. 


10. What is the cost of tuition?

A. $350 monthly, Discounts for Multiple Children may apply. Tuition adjustments available based on financial need - Proof of income required. Sponsorship may be available through our Y.A.D. Program.


11. What does a typical day of school look like? Will my child be on the PC all day?


 12. What are multi-age group classrooms, and how will my child benefit in this type of class setting? 

A. Multi-age grouping is a system that allows students to move at their own pace educationally. It proves to be successful in creating a learning community. “Each-one-teach-one” peer learning is an antidote to the cookie-cutter approach as it focuses on the success of individualized learning outcomes. It is the setting that reinforces familyhood which is a major stepping stone to fostering nationhood.


13. What educational platforms do we use throughout the school year?

A. Our educational platforms include but are not limited to: IXL, Zoom, Google classroom and WhatsApp


14. What textbooks will be used to assist with learning concepts?

A. Textbooks will vary throughout grade levels. Some classes may use virtual PDF documents and or images.


15. How do I enroll my child at DDA?

A. Visit there is an enrollment fee that MUST be paid in order for enrollment to be official. Pertinent documents will also be required for parents and students such as valid ID/Passport, birth certificate and proof of income. Also, an electronic device connected to the internet will be required for students to access their online classes. 

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