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Divine Dedication Academy

Providing Academic Support to

Homeschool & Independent Learning Families

We're Bringing Together Israelite Educators From the Nation of Yisrael’s Global Communities to Provide All of Our Children with Academic & Character Excellence that is Pleasing to

YAH, The Most High.

Torah-Based Academic Support to

Homeschool & Independent Learning Families.



By actively seeking YAH, The Most High’s Guidance, we aim to band together in righteousness, setting aside our differences, to activate a “New Day”. 

As a Nation, we have endured many hurdles, setbacks & traumatic experiences, but Deuteronomy 30 states “We (The Nation of Yisrael) would bethink ourselves & return to

YAH, The Most High”. 

This is our opportunity to utilize love and our blessed gifts to help return YAH’s people to greatness. 

All like-minded people & communities are invited to share their available resources in this 

Collaborative Unified Effort (C.U.E.)

Our Values

Divine Dedication Inc. is a non-profit organization whose network of institutions are vital stepping stones in the unification of our people. Our goal is to develop students who effectively integrate high academic standards with spiritual and cultural proficiency committed to becoming esteemed contributors to society. 

The Divine Dedication Academy is our Virtual Homeschool Co-op which assists parents with meeting the educational hours/days mandated in their state. Our Collaborative Unified Effort (C.U.E.) with our participating families consists of the following components.:

  • Each instructional session will be 45 minutes each, led by our Divine Dedicators. 

  • Parents are to provide the remaining 15 minutes of enrichment activities to make up an hour of instruction. 

  • Additionally, families also assist in student recruitment to keep tuition costs down. 

  • Last, and equally important for unity of purpose, all collaborators of the Divine Dedication Academy are made aware of the elements of the System of Divine Dedication through our Manual - Journey to the Beginning - by completing the assessment tool through our website.

Through our Rapid Response To Education (RRTE) services, we assist institutions that are willing to join forces (C.U.E.) to support and implement a National System of Divine Dedication for our People which benefits all of our children globally. We provide teacher staffing, promotional resources, parent workshops, curriculum and website development. 

Our Mission


Our Divine goal is to establish a model that will instill in our children the love and respect of YAH, The Creator, His Torah (Laws) and, most importantly, its application in every facet of their everyday lives. This will create those fit to be the Kingdom of Priests that YAH  prescribed  to teach the nations, thus activating YAH's promised Blessings. This model will be replicated and utilized where the Nation of Yisrael is found globally. By seeking common ground and working hand in hand, we will shine forth YAH's light and be the example, for ourselves and our children, of the unification of the Nation of Yisrael as ONE People.

Our Vision

We continue to foster Divine Dedication educational endeavors with your help.

One-time donations as well as ongoing sponsorships are welcomed through our Y.A.D. Program which features extending a hand (Yad) to

Y'tumim (Fatherless), Almanoht (Widows), and Dahl (Less Fortunate).

Your generous contributions will enable us to meet staff payroll and subsidize students/ families who face challenges such as tuition payments, Exceptional Child Service needs and Extracurricular Enrichment opportunities.

"Educating our children is the most powerful weapon to change the world"
-- Aturah Shahyahrah

Join us on this educational journey to enrich and empower our children!

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