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Sponsor A Divine Scholar 



Our goal is to raise funds to continue to foster Divine Dedication educational endeavors.

We are grateful to accept one-time donations as well as ongoing sponsorships through our Y.A.D. Program which features extending a
hand (Yad) to Y'tumim (Fatherless), Almanoht (Widows), and Dahl (Less Fortunate).

The funds raised will enable us to meet staff payroll and subsidize students/families who face challenges such as tuition payments, Exceptional Child Service needs and Extracurricular Enrichment opportunities. 

Choose a Student Sponsorship Plan Today!

  • Silver Tier - Sponsorship

    Every month
    • Helps towards DDA operational costs & student programs
  • Gold Tier - Sponsorship

    Every month
    • Helps towards DDA programs, trips & Dedicator salaries
  • Platinum Tier - Sponsorship

    Every month
    $100 or More
    • Helps towards Dedicator salaries and DDA programs
  • Diamond Tier - Sponsorship

    Every month
    • Covers Monthly Tuition for One Scholar
  • Divine Tier - Sponsorship

    • Covers the yearly tuition for a scholar & enrollment fee

Star Tier 

The Amount 


Helps towards DDA operational costs,
Dedicator salaries and other expenses

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