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Divine Dedication Academy


Providing Academic Support to

Homeschool & Independent Learning Families

We Offer:

  • Certified Teachers/Dedicators with

Over 20 years of Experience

  • Common Core Curriculum

  • Small Class Sizes 

  • Discounted Tuition of $250/mon. 

(limited time)

  • Virtual Classes

  • Village Paradigm

  • Torah & Hebrew Cultural Classes

  • Enrollment Fee includes Manual & IXL yearly subscription of 4 subjects

  • Caring Staff, Academics & Skill Building 

  • Nurturing of Budding Minds


DISCLOSURE: By actively seeking YAH, The Most High’s Guidance, we aim to band together in righteousness, setting aside our differences, to activate a “New Day”. 

As a Nation, we have endured many hurdles, setbacks & traumatic experiences, but Deuteronomy 30 states “We (The Nation of Yisrael) would bethink ourselves & return to

YAH, The Most High”. 

This is our opportunity to utilize love and our blessed gifts to help return

YAH’s people to greatness. 

All like-minded people & communities are invited to share their available resources in this

Collaborative Unified Effort (C.U.E.)

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