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Divine Dedication Academy


Providing Academic Support to

Homeschool & Independent Learning Families

We Offer:

  • Certified Teachers/Dedicators with

Over 20 years of Experience

  • Common Core Curriculum

  • Small Class Sizes 

  • Discounted Tuition of $250/mon. 

(limited time)

  • Virtual Classes

  • Village Paradigm

  • Torah & Hebrew Cultural Classes

  • Enrollment Fee includes Manual & IXL yearly subscription of 4 subjects

  • Caring Staff, Academics & Skill Building 

  • Nurturing of Budding Minds


30K Questions Certificate.png
20K Questions Certificate.png
15K Math Questions Certificate.png
10K ELA Questions Certificate.png
50 Hours of ELA Practice Certificate.png
200 Skills Certificate.png
2K Divine Life Questions Certificate.png

DISCLOSURE: By actively seeking YAH, The Most High’s Guidance, we aim to band together in righteousness, setting aside our differences, to activate a “New Day”. 

As a Nation, we have endured many hurdles, setbacks & traumatic experiences, but Deuteronomy 30 states “We (The Nation of Yisrael) would bethink ourselves & return to

YAH, The Most High”. 

This is our opportunity to utilize love and our blessed gifts to help return

YAH’s people to greatness. 

All like-minded people & communities are invited to share their available resources in this

Collaborative Unified Effort (C.U.E.)

DDA_GaHA Grade 3-8 Schedule.png
DDA_GaHA High School Schedule.png
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